I was commissioned by the London publishers Dorling Kindersley to produce three 360º VR panoramas to be shot in the Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell and Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Instead of being a totally interactive 360º panorama they would be converted into 360º videos and automatically pan around from top to bottom and be used as part of the Barcelona City Guide for iPads.

After getting permission to shoot inside the Sagrada Familia from the relevant office, I was told that if I wanted the building empty and tourist free I had a small window of opportunity before the place opened, between 08:00 and 09:00 each morning when only the cleaning ladies would be in there.

Making Sagrada Familia Panoramas

So, armed with my automated Seitz Roundshot VR drive, camera and tripod, my assistant and I headed off to make panoramas in Gaudi’s great cathedral.

There are two panoramas in one HERE with marked viewpoints once you open it, one was shot from the side of the cathedral and the other from the middle, in front of the altar. The Roundshot was programed to shoot 25 frames of 8 per row in three rows with one shot directly up, we also programed it to shoot 3 bracketed exposures for each of the 25 different angles, thus 25 x 3 = 75 frames in total so that I could do some HDR in post-production.

I shot a few frames straight down of the floor to cover up the tripod later in Photoshop. If there is plenty of light I usually do this handheld but if there isn’t as in the case of the Sagrada Familia I have a small boom arm that I put the camera on and swing into the correct position.

The other two 360º VR panos that I shot in Las Ramblas and Parc Güell are HERE and HERE

Photographic Equipment used

  • Canon EOS-5D Mk II
  • Canon EF 20mm 2.8
  • Seitz Roundshot VR drive